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Validation is a set of test that all new parts will go though to determine the work load and efficiency GCK has a complete set of Validation Equipment and Testing equipment that would ensure not just quality, but what we claim the parts. We meant it.

Real Life Simulator / Dymo
Perhaps the most important machine of all. It simulates two half shaft at once, like what drive our vehicle everyday. Equipped with varies gear ratio, and run the half shaft in high speed (Freeway) or Stop & Go (Rush Hour Traffic). We will be able to determine the life-cycle and predict how the part will perform in a much shorter time. Vital for developing new parts.

Breaking Tester
With Breaking Tester, we will be able to find out the weak point of the entire half shaft in less than 5 minutes. Basically spin the half shaft till it break, mean while computerized software detects the load (Torque out put) and the spinning angle. Which we can determine the class (size) of a part.

Fatigue Tester
With Fatigue Tester, we can generate all information that helps us to develop a better material, heat treatment technique and predict the durability of a half shaft developed by GCK.