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1. Just in time service :
Most of our locations keep safety stock volume to reach over 97% fill rate.

2. Limited Product Warranty :
Limited 2 years or sixty thousand kilograms warranty for all GCK C.V. Joint and C.V. Half Shaft (Axle) product. Warranty does not apply to racecar, unprofessional installation, and boot.
3. Technical Support :
GCK is dedicated to provide the best technical support and customer support. All of our direct sale locations provide service. There are several ways to contact us.
America: 1-888-230-9222, extension 05
Taiwan and Asia: 886-4-2261-2222, extension 12
China: 86-750-8318211 direct line
Global wide 24 hours technical email address:
Global wide 24 hours complain fax line: 886-4-2261-2224